Pablo's Stinky MEMEZ presents

How to make a vine (This is where you learn to make super funny and relevant vines!)

evan breen comp from Lauren on Vimeo.

To make a super amazing funny vine, first you must be a relevant thicc baddie, or else you won't get ANY clout! Without any clout you will not get anywhere in the industry. Also since vine is now over you always want to have clout after. You dont want to be known as "that person from vine" you want to be known as that "funny person from vine who now does..."

At first you may think, "Well jeez, why do I want to make a vine? Its because you want to be slim thicc icon! I promise you once you become a vine star your pathetic life will finally have meaning, it's Pablo guarenteed. The good thing about this website and one thing that you will take away from this website is that there is a new follow-up app for vine. This site will help you make it on that new app. Although, the app might be really crappy and wont be like the vine we love and know its something and if you want clout this is your chance baby girl.

Many vine stars either end up youtubers,slim thicc icons, or an irrelevant-pathetic excuse of an human being. Now chose which vine star you want to be. You could be a slim thicc icon who makes iconic vines that will be remembered for years to come!

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The Three Steps to Making a Vine:

  1. Having clout
  2. Being funny
  3. Dark humor